Soul Transparency – Key To Universal Understanding

You hear much about transparency, or authenticity these days. What if there was a cosmic level of transparency, where people could understand each other instantly? If this were possible, it would take place at the soul level.

You could call this instant understanding Soul Transparency. It is real, as you will discover, and it offers intriguingly wonderful possibilities for understanding yourself, and for sharing your gifts with the world.

When you realize that your soul is radiating its divine essence all the time, you realize that it is doing this in spite of your personality limitations. Your personality, with all its limits, beliefs, and habits, may not be an accurate reflection of your soul. Could you be too referenced to your personality?

Let’s explore the potential that lives within the infinite world of the soul. You may discover a reality that transcends the ordinary limits of this earth plane, including the constrictions of the personality. And you may find the gifts of inner peace and fulfillment that you 失眠催眠 can bring into your life.

The world of your cosmic essence

Your transparent soul exists in a cosmic condition that is very different from the world that your personality exists in. For example, your personality is associated with your body, which means that it exists in space and time. Your soul, at its deepest essence level, experiences a different way of being — it lives in a timeless, limitless world. How could this be?

Your soul is an individual expression of the universe itself. That thought might seem to be too much to digest at first, so just take a breath and and relax as you consider the possibility. Your soul is the universe, expressed in your own individual form. And every other person is also the universe, expressed in their own individual form. This tells you something about all these souls:

They are all unique expressions of the same vast universe. And so they must all exist in the very same space that we call The Universe, or the All, or God, or Cosmic Consciousness — any name you use is fine. Let yourself gently breathe, so you can be with this idea and stay comfortably centered.

Your essence is a multidimensional phenomenon

The idea that you exist in the same space as another person sounds rather weird at first. After all, you know that you aren’t physically standing where another person is standing, are you? Of course you aren’t — not on the physical plane, at least. Your soul, though, is different. Although your soul is shining through your body, and each person’s soul is shining through their body, what is it that is shining exactly?

Your soul essence, and their soul essence, together share the same universal light, or consciousness. And that divine light exists throughout the universe — it is omnipresent pure awareness. It is too vast to be limited to one space, or one moment in time.

Your soul is transparent because everyone already knows your essence. Your essence, and theirs, is expressing the same deep universal intelligence. That means that your soul is more deeply understood and appreciated than you may realize. This idea might take a while for your personality to comprehend, because your personality has many reasons for supposing that your life is limited and imperfect, or that you are misunderstood.

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