Metal Roofing Lifetime Warranty?

Metal roofing lifetime warranty, never re-roof again is the claim made by many companies. While never is a long time it would be more accurate to say never re-roof again while you are in your current home, or if you don’t do any renovations. Who know what the state of your next homes roof will be.

When metal roofing came on the scene in a serious manner about twenty years ago the products that were being sold steel bite pro were not as one would say, “up to snuff.” Companies trying to take advantage of the distress of asphalt roofing manufacturers rushed substandard product to the market to make a fast buck. Many of them succeeded. Most are no longer in business.

The market recognized the need for an alternative roofing product and quickly jumped on board. The market is discerning and quickly weeds out the scammers. Steel and aluminum roofing received somewhat of a black eye from these peoples behavior. They over priced an already expensive product and literally gouged consumers willing to bite. These people created circumstance for a much slower rise in acceptance of steel and aluminum roofing by the general public.

Metal roofing companies that survived were mostly the good ones. These companies were willing to spend money on research and development. Materials both in steel and aluminum roofs improved dramatically. Paint and coatings became the main focus while fasteners and joins followed closely.

One of the consumer’s first questions when considering a permanent roof was fade factor. Early metal roofing was at best suspect. Technology didn’t exist at the time to have coatings and paint last the lifetime of the roofs. Today with the assistance of Nassau the paint needed to make fifty year warranty claims exists.

The next issue was how the roof was fastened and could it be walked on. Progressive companies developed systems of interlocking tiles and strapping that when properly installed made the roof 100% watertight. Design came into play and metal tiles that used to rise up and take over the house now hugged the roof enhancing its lines. With roof hugging design the problem of noise during rain and hail was also eliminated.

Metal roofs now could honestly claim everything their predecessors were not able to. The paint would last the life of the roof. Virtual invisible repairs could be made if required. The roof would look as good thirty years from installation as when new. Energy saving claims was legitimate. Unlike asphalt roofs absorbing heat and retaining cold, metal roofs actually reflected heat in the summer and insulated in the winter.

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