How Do I Increase a Man’s Desire for Me? 7 Tips Which Will Help You Intensify His Attraction

Just getting a man to fall in love with a woman is not enough. The secret lies in keeping his interest going and also increasing his desire for her. The ways are many and a woman just has to apply herself to increase his desire.

Paying attention to your body
A man falls in love with you for your physical looks and that is the underlying factor to keep him going. But he soon tires of the same old look that he sees in you. He wants to see change! A new look is what he looks for in you at all times.

Physical exercise and activity
The luster on your face and the gleam of your skin is something which comes from within. The more you exercise and the more time you can devote to physical activity will help bring out the physical beauty athletically Language of desire.

Body language
Watch your body language! It will convey your love and desire and also help the man increase his desire for you. Through your body language show him you care. Your touch and caress will increase his desire for you.

Your desirability
Every man likes to feel that his woman is desired by others around. He likes to feel that he has won the woman who is desired by so many. He wants to feel the winner in such a situation and be the envy of others rather than be the one to be jealous of others.

A woman of many interests
Make sure that you are a woman with many interests and activities to your credit rather than be a woman who is easily available when your man calls. A man likes to feel he’s chasing a busy woman and not one who is readily available at his beck and call.

Let him be the one to chase you
You know that he already likes you and will do almost anything to have you, so leave him to do the chasing. He enjoys the prospect of chasing you to keep the relationship going. So just keep his desire on the Increase.

Continue to be the woman he first fell for
Take care not to change personality wise from the woman he had first fallen in love with to someone whom he wishes he had not known or would never have wanted to know. You must not stray from that original woman he had desired. All these tips will help you keep his desire for you alive.

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