Professional SEO Companies May Optimize a Site in Accordance to Google

Website owners aim to rank high in Google to acquire relevant traffic for their site. Keyword search is one of the most popular online activities. Researches show that about 90% of all new visitors to a website are brought by a search engine. Google contribute immensely to the growth of the business of a website. A website needs to be properly optimized to score high in the search results page. A professional SEO company assists a website owner in this task.

There are thousands of search engines in the World Wide Web. Each has its own criteria of determining the rankings of a website in its search results page. A site needs to be optimized keeping the criteria of the search engines in mind. Since, there are many search sites on the net, optimizing the site according to the criteria of all the search engines separately is not possible. A professional SEO company may optimize the site as per the rules of Google.

Google remains the favorite web users till date. It constitutes two-third of the US market share in search engine utilization. 90% of the UK search engine market share in search engine utilization is occupied by Google. Owing to the large popularity of Google, professional 谷歌seo公司 service providers normally optimize a site in accordance with Google policies. It is feasible to follow the criterion set by Google while optimizing a site for search engines.

Some of the things considered by Google to decide the rankings allotted to each site in the search results page can be given as below:

  • Quality content is a necessity. Google robots will crawl on the site and will be able to index the page only if it has good content. Content should be unique and not duplicate!
  • Images, flash and other technologies can be used. However, it should not be at the expense of text. Google spiders can easily index text or html than flash or other technologies. Design of the website should also be SEO friendly.
  • The site has more chances of ranking high if there are relevant backlinks to the site. The backlinks should have some logic in connecting to your site. It should not be deliberately created just to score high in the search results page.
  • Google displays the search results on the basis of the keywords typed by the web user. A site should be optimized keeping the relevant keywords in mind.

The gauge for judging the site’s worth in the search results page is similar in most of the search sites. Google, Yahoo, Bing,, and other search engines do not have large variations in the results displayed either, for a particular keyword. It is generally observed that sites scoring high ranking in Google may have somewhat similar rankings in Yahoo or Bing. Professional SEO companies optimize a site according to Google. High rankings in other search engines are automatically achieved.

Professional SEO service providers are experts in this field. Optimizing a site in accordance to Google regulations is feasible to them and the site. This saves them time and help in achieving the desired effects. Professional SEO companies can abide by Google rules to reap the benefits of search engine optimization.

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