Laughter is Life’s Best Medicine

Norman Cousins wrote “Of all the gifts bestowed by nature on human beings, hearty laughter must be close to the top”

I am very sure all of you agree with that quote. There is nothing more up lifting than having a good old fashioned “belly laugh” yet how many of us can honestly say that we laugh every day, never mind having a “belly laugh”.

Life is after all is so serious and so hard. You are right, no one every claimed life was easy, nor have anyone claimed life is just fun. These two life choices, and yes they are choices, is what we can make each and every day.

Human beings need to have fun. So bring some of that into your life. Laughter will make the most serious and arduous of tasks easier and more enjoyable, if not, at least more tolerable.

To have a more healthy and balanced life it is important to have some diversion. Humour can certainly be that diversion. There are so many of us that keep asking ourselves the same old question, over and over; What is the meaning of life? And, no it is not 42.

To each of us, life’s meaning or our life purpose means something different. There are some that believe that it’s to okinawa flat belly tonic be a multimillionaire. But no, money will certainly not buy you happiness. Happiness is not on a shelf in a supermarket nor in any exclusive boutique. Yes, money can make your life easier, but certainly not happier.

Laughter is one of our positive emotions. A life tonic that energizes restores and invigorates.

Currently one of the growing areas in the coaching industry is laughter coaching. Now there is a novel thought if ever. Why on this earth would we get someone to come and coach us how to laugh? Surely we can do this on our own?

Tell me, how many times a day, do you get to laugh?

Children laugh on average 400 times a day and by the time they reach 35 years of age, this number has radically reduced to 15 times a day.

The endorphin released by laughter is 10 times more powerful than the pain relieving drug, morphine. To top it off you can burn up 3.5 calories every time you laugh. Now you know why, children can eat just about anything they want without gaining weight. Is this not about time to create the diet, called “laugh yourself thin”?

When laughter has such an incredibly good influence on everyday life, what happens to us over those 30 years? Where and when did we lose our ability to laugh at ourselves and at the crazy, stupid things that we as human beings can get up to? All you have to do is rent a DVD on the old Candid Camera series, that will get you started.

But an ancient Chinese proverb says;

I hear……and I forget

I see…….and I remember

I do……..and I understand

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