Is Your Online College Degree Accredited?

Many people go ahead and sign up for an online college. But is their online college degree accredited? There is one way to find out for sure if someone has been scammed or educated. A quick check with the U.S. Department of Education will provide all the required information.

Is your online college degree accredited? Yes

If the online college is part of the lists provided by the six U.S. Department of Education branches, then a person has nothing to worry about. Usually if a university exists offline (has a campus and a base of operation) it will be accredited. Such colleges also provide online education for some of their degrees. However, not all courses can be completed online because some require hands-on experience that is closely monitored by the educators lam bang dai hoc.

Is your online college degree accredited? No

In order to receive an online college degree that is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, the college itself needs accreditation. If a college doesn’t have it, then a person should stay away from it. Basically diplomas that are not certified by the government are worth exactly nothing. Unfortunately a person can spend thousands of dollars on such “scam” education.

How to avoid scams?

The most important thing is to do research before you sign up, not after. There are many online colleges that offer lucrative degrees for very little money. But is it accredited? If the answer is “No”, then a person needs to stay away from that “school.” Checking in one of the six regional U.S. Department of Education branches is a must in order to save yourself from getting scammed. If a degree offer seems too good to be true, then double check the college. Some scams make up names that differ from real schools by only one character. This makes them easily mixed up with the real college, and if a person is not careful enough he or she may get fooled.

Will the degree be accredited? This is the first question that a person needs to answer even before he or she signs up for a semester. Some schools make very cheap offers for online degrees. However, if the school lacks proper accreditation, a person might as well throw that money away. Certain standards exist that all schools need to abide by. This is done in order to guarantee that students will actually learn something useful and not just spend their money without gaining any knowledge.

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