Proven Advice To Become A Truck Driver – By An Expert!

Thinking about driving truck?

If you are looking for a great job with good pay and a future then you may consider being a truck driver. It is a demanding job that will take its toll on you. It isn’t as easy on a body as you may think. The younger you are the more you feel as if it won’t bother you. Sitting for hours on end with nothing to do but think is not good for your body.

The pay that you will get will be from 0 to 60k+. The zero is meant as a joke. You can work as hard or as little as you want. You will not keep your job very long, but normally a company’s staff will get to 轎車接送 know their drivers likes and dislikes and feel out how drivers like to run their trucks.

Some people like to take time off and there others like yours truly that goes nuts when they have to sit around. They want the next preplanned trip prior to even dropping of the load in their trailer. Let’s go back to the pay for just a minute. You honestly can make more than 30k per year and have plenty of time off if that is what you like. That would mean that you would average a little over 2000 miles per week over the 52 weeks per year.

On the other hand if you wanted to make 60k or more then you will need to run a lot harder than that. Maybe you would need to average about 3500 miles or more per week over that same year period. There are many factors involved in the rates of pay that drivers receive. The normal rate of pay for an OTR driver is per mile pay. If a driver makes 35 cents per mile and drives 3000 miles in a week then his gross pay is $1050 a week.

How do you get a driving job?

If you have never driven a truck before then there are a few choices. There are a few companies that will train you and then let you get your CDL and drive for them. There are not too many of those companies though. A more likely scenario is that you get go to a school that is accredited and while attending the school the bigger companies will send recruiters to the facility. During their visit they will have applications for you to fill out and turn in on the spot.

Once you successfully pass the driving course then you will go to work for the company that hired you during your training period as a driver trainee. You will be coupled up with a more seasoned driver for a certain amount of time, probably not less than a month and longer in some cases.

There are a lot of things to learn during this period and you will still need a lot of practice driving and maneuvering the truck. Driving school will give you the bases, but you are no way able to jump right into an 80000 pound vehicle all by yourself just yet.

It’s a good job that pays fairly decent. It might just be the best job for those whose families are grown and gone out on their own. It’s a great way to have some freedom, see the country and enjoy yourself.

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