How to Shop For Diamond Rings and What You Should Know Before You Do

Diamond shopping is exciting especially if it is for the engagement or wedding. A diamond as many say is the best gift a woman can get. However, it is so precious that you can be ripped off unless you are careful. There is a checklist which you can use when you are out for diamond shopping. It almost always pays to know your stuff about diamonds as you are going to pay for these tiny stones and pay quite a lot. Diamonds are usually categorized on the basis of 5Cs which are cost, cut, clarity, carat and color. You must first decide which of them has a higher priority. For example, clarity promotes more reflection of light within and hence greater sparkling while carat will give you the purity of the diamond.

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The second thing you should do is to always ask for a certification. Diamonds certified by a reputed lab are always more expensive but then you truly know what you are paying for. It is often easy to get misled when you look at the prices and find that one diamond certified by a reputed lab costs much more than a diamond not certified or certified by an unknown lab. When you are in a diamond shop to buy fine jewelry, take all your time to compare diamonds within your budget. Diamond rings, diamond necklaces or pendants are all usually certified and hence more expensive but worth their cost. Two good certifying institutions are GIA or Gemological Institute of America and AGS or American Gem Society nhẫn mỹ giá bao nhiêu.

You should also be aware of Rapaport Diamond report, which has the wholesale diamond prices in New York markets. This will give you a fair idea of what you are paying and whether you are getting a fair price. Price of diamond rings could also fluctuate a lot on small changes in cut proportions. Although, you have taken your preferences, it is not advisable to compromise with one C to get a good value for another C and a fine balance is what you should look for. Most of the problems related to diamonds could be solved if you decide to buy fine jewelry at a reputable store, where profit is not the only motive. Such a place will also be good to do some diamond study without being pressured too much.

When you are diamond shopping you might need to think a bit about the future too. Whether you are going to buy diamond rings, necklace, pendant, earrings or anything else, it is good to think about what the return policy of the store is and whether that suits your requirement. You must also consider the purity and hence the sale value in case you need to exchange the diamond rings for cash. You must also be aware that enhancements like laser drilling or heat treatments make the diamonds more attractive but also lower their price. So you have to check the certificate for that report before you buy fine jewelry.

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