Playing Ace King – An Advanced Strategy

There’s a reason this hand is called “Big Slick” – 에이스홀덤 because plenty of players maneuver themselves in problematic situations. A typical example is that a player raises before the flop, gets called and hits top pair. After that the rest of the money moves into the middle of the table and suddenly his opponent turns over two pair, a set or even a stronger hand. That’s typical for playing ace king and even typical for playing aces.

Playing Ace King in Tournaments
Ace King is a solid tournament hand. That means that the stack-situation in a tournament is often a good one to play ace king. The smaller the stacks compared to the blinds the easier this hand can be played. So if you hold ace king in the later stages of a tournament where the blinds are high compared to the stacks it’s very hard to play ace king really bad. It’s no mistake to move all-in before the flop and it’s also no mistake to shove your chips into the middle when the flop helped you somehow. So the problems rarely occur in tournaments.

Playing Ace King in Cash Games

The problems occur in cash games most of the time. When we talk about cash games we mean playing with deep stacks. For instance the blinds are $ 1 and $ 2 and you’re playing with a $ 200 stack then you’re playing deep stack poker in a cash game.

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