Car Engine That Runs on Water – What is Truth and What is Myth

Car engine that runs on water? The fantastic idea has been there for quite some time, but as any thing sensational it soon became coated with various myths. In fact, with scattered pieces of information in mind, many people still believe that it is impossible to run a vehicle on water. Now, this is actually the biggest myth about the whole thing!

Car engine that runs on water is no wonder and no latest invention even. The process of electrolysis that decomposes H2O into oxygen and hydrogen has been known to people for more than two centuries – and this is precisely what is needed for your automobile engine to be converted from gas-powered to water-powered.

To make the picture clearer, let’s address some common myths about a car engine that runs on water:

Myth #1. A water-powered engine is less efficient than a gas-powered one.

This statement is baseless. Hydro-power has proven itself as a mighty source of energy. Various tests showed that using H2O as fuel can be even more efficient than using conventional fuel. Needless to say, it is a far cheaper way to run a car.

Myth #2. A water-powered engine is not suitable for any vehicle.

The truth is, irrespective of your car model and age, it can be converted into a water-run vehicle. In fact, anything that operates on fuel – from a lawn mower to an airplane – can use water instead. If you think logically, you will realize that size or configuration does model engine kits not really matter; all engines operate somewhat similarly, so if one can run using water, why would not others do the same?

Myth #3. A do-it-yourself water-powered engine will cost you nothing.

This is another extreme. Water is a very cheap, but not completely free source of energy. You should also keep in mind that your car engine that runs on water will require certain initial investments like tools and materials, as well as a good step-by-step manual. But all these expenses are truly incomparable to the great savings you get in the long run.

Myth #4. A car can run on water alone.

An engine running exclusively on water, though possible theoretically, is still a topic of debates. Widely, what is meant by a water-powered car engine is a combined usage of both, regular vehicle fuel and H2O (of course, combined usage does not mean mixing water with gasoline!) In fact, hydrogen obtained from water, can dramatically increase the gas mileage, so your car will be able to consume far less gas, while using it up to 50% more efficiently.

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