What is Psychical Science?

In its most general sense, psychic science can be defined as the study of psychic ability or psychics. However, abstractly, psychic science may appear to be little more than a trendy focus on psychic research or astrology, but in fact, in everyday practice, it’s served as a synonym for spiritualism. Psychic science is based on a variety of beliefs and presuppositions about the universe and human beings. These include notions like the existence of a spiritual realm outside the human domain, the reality of communication between the living and non-living, the existence of innumerable life forms existing in harmony with one another, and that there is a connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Nandor Fodor, Encyclopedia of Psychic Science | Deadsouls Bookshop

The most prevalent among these beliefs is the belief in the existence of an infinite intelligence or godlike power. This intelligence is believed to control all forces of the universe including the weather, earth, and human beings. This supreme intelligence or Godlike power to perceive the thoughts and actions of all creatures and makes suggestions as to what path they should take in their lives. Based on observations of past events, scientists argue that this supreme intelligence or Godlike force uses the observed facts of past lives to influence present decisions and actions in our lives the gioi tam linh huyen bi. In other words, we are guided by the observed facts of our previous lifetimes. Whether these beliefs are accurate or not is currently subject to ongoing scientific debate.

Despite the dispute over whether psychic science is a legitimate scientific discipline, there is no doubt that psychic abilities exist. Psychics have been observed performing readings for centuries across many cultures. Over time, these various cultures came to believe that these individuals had special psychic abilities, including clairvoyance or seeing ghosts. Today, people who possess psychic abilities are commonly referred to as “psychics” or “mediums.” There are even organizations and communities dedicated to raising awareness about the existence of psychic abilities and psychic phenomena.

Psychic ability exists on a spectrum. Some individuals have a very strong psychic ability that is so strong that it is noticeable to the others. This type of psychic ability is referred to as “clear seeing.” Some psychics possess an even stronger form of psychic ability, which is referred to as “clear hearing.” The psychic ability or psychic skills that are associated with “clear seeing,” “clear hearing,” and “clear feeling” tend to be the most powerful types of psychic abilities.

Each psychic ability has a different focus. A psychic medium possesses the ability to communicate with the spirit world by communicating messages through the medium. This type of psychic skill allows the medium to communicate with individuals who passed away. A clairvoyant psychic is also a psychic who can see pictures from the past present or the future. They are also able to receive visions from the spirit world and can use these visions to help people solve problems that are stressing them out.

There are many forms of psychic science. Psychics who specialize in a particular area of psychic ability tend to have access to a greater amount of information. They are not as likely to have limited information because they are drawn toward the psychic talents that draw them. Many psychics have been tested and found to possess a wide range of psychic abilities. This does not mean, however, that every psychic is a clairvoyant, per se. All psychics possess some psychic ability; it is just that the type of psychic ability they possess varies.

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