Different Types of Limo

Limo, short for limousine, is a type of large luxury vehicle usually driven by a chauffeur. Limousines are commonly used for weddings, school proms, airport pick-ups and occasions generally involving VIP guests or celebrants. These days, limousine services come in various sizes and shapes.

The popularity of Hummer trucks and SUVs gave rise to Hummer limousines, which are ideal for accommodating a group of friends who are gathering for a special occasion and would like to celebrate in style. Even newlyweds who want an urban chic wedding choose this rugged yet elegant transportation as their getaway vehicle. Modern amenities generally come with this type of limo. Aside from the staples like champagne bars and a music system, mirrored ceilings, flat screen TVs, karaoke machines and even video game consoles may be expected. This spacious vehicle can accommodate your party of over 20 guests. If poker is your game, you may even be fortunate to chance upon a rental company that has a Hummer limousine with a mini casino inside.

Rockstars and other celebrities made famous the use of customized buses for their everyday use downlaod mega888 apk on here. So, why not have party buses for those special occasions? Imagine having all the grandiose and comforts of a limousine, but in a much larger scale. If a Hummer limo can take in more than 20 of your friends or a mini casino, this one can have more than 40 guests partying comfortably and, perhaps, a couple of slot machines, in addition to the poker table. Your options for activities and themes for your celebration are even wider if you rent this type of vehicle. This can be perfect for your stag parties or bridal showers. This would also be a fun wedding transportation for your whole entourage. It can also be a great idea to rent this when your large family goes on a vacation to a scenic destination.

However, for many people, nothing still can beat the elegance and romance of a luxury sedan and a traditional stretch limousine. Luxury sedans, usually Lincoln Town Cars or Cadillacs, feature comfortable seating with a very spacious legroom for 3 people. It is not as extravagant as a stretch, but still makes you feel like royalty. Stretch limousines, super stretch, mega stretch and so on, on the other hand, are favorite transportations for a wide range of occasions, weddings, prom nights, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, operas and theater galas, and all those special celebrations. As you may have seen in movies, a stretch limo can offer you a full bar, a complete entertainment system and a hot tub.

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