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I very strongly advocate that education should be made available for anyone who would like to have it, and should be given for free, for as long as one would like to have. There are plenty of reasons we could give in support of free education – but before we start, why not ask a simple question as to – why must education be charged?

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Reasons to Educate

The basic necessity of education is more social in nature than a personal requirement. It is the requirement of a society to have well educated and qualified citizens as their flock, as this helps in creating a smoothly operative and developing society aiou tutor.

Education in some form of the other has passed down generations ever since humans began to civilize. This is not an optional choice, but a requirement of civilizations growing in quality and size. As the true benefit of education must pass on to the society in the end, it becomes imperative that the societies or the governments in the present circumstances bear the expenses and efforts of educating every child.

Educating the Deserving Candidates

If we are putting education up for sale, it is likely that even the undeserving who have the money to buy, reap the benefits which otherwise should have gone to a deserving candidate. Many a times, all the efforts and time spent on educating a person are going waste just because the individual is either not interested, or unable to make use of what he has acquired.

These situations are unavoidable as long as we make a business out of education, where animals of all origin and species are made to run a common rat race. Moreover it does not make any difference even if we are able to win a rat race, because we would still be a rat.

Basic Education

Basic education concerning the requirements of an individual and society must necessarily be made available to every one, irrespective of race or sex, free of cost. In fact this could also be made exemplary with benefits attached, so as to encourage the reluctant individual to also join.

This would also be helpful for the smooth working of the society and subsequently the nation, and improve upon building the quality of life. A properly educated population forms the backbone and provides the requisite infrastructure for the growth and development of every nation.

Why must education be charged?

The million dollar question is who owns collective knowledge? How are intellectual property rights applicable in these situations? Who is the final beneficiary to an educated society?

Surely, people involved in imparting education must be compensated for the efforts they are putting up for building the system, but making fast money out of the educating system must necessarily be discouraged.

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