Product Photography – The Salesman That Doesn’t Have A Cheesy Grin

Photography is an art, and product photography is a fine art. Unfortunately not everyone seems to realise this, and a great many small and even medium sized business owners are failing to appreciate the huge marketing potential in advertising photography. Part of the problem seems to be the fact that photography itself has never been as easy, or as technologically advanced as before.

With high resolution multi mega pixel digital cameras with more buttons that the early NASA spacecraft, and with software available which promises to transform your family snaps into something an art gallery would be clamouring for, product photography seems to be happily within the realm of anyone’s capability.

Yet in truth there is so much more to advertising photography than simply walking up to your latest product, whipping out a camera, running off a few artistic shots, running them through a computer to crop them, tweak them, and then hurling them at your online catalogue or printed brochure in the happy but misguided hope they will sell your product.

Advertising photography is all about selling products, but this is quite different from just taking photographs of your products and thinking that they are enough to sell them. Think of it this way. Imagine you have a fantastic product, and you give it to a salesman to sell, going door to door.

Your cheesy salesman walks promptly up to the first door, rings the doorbell and waits, bearing the product in his hands. The door opens, and the resident peers out at the salesman. The salesman peers back. Nothing happens. The salesman then holds up the product a little closer and nearer the resident, who looks back at the salesman in bewilderment one last time before shutting the door. Rinse and repeat.

The problem is that just showing a potential customer what a product looks like is rarely enough to persuade them to fotografia de producto reach into their pocket, pull out their wallet and part with their hard earned cash. Product photography has to work a very great deal harder than this, and yet this fact is lost on so many people.

Advertising photography is the equivalent of getting your best salesman to take your product out to customers, and sell. But your best salesman isn’t going to simply knock at the door, wait for it to be opened and then present the customer with a chance to look at your product without a word being said, and no real attempt to engage with the customer.

Product photography has to be able to quickly and effectively engage with the target audience, and this simply cannot happen if all the audience is presented with is the equivalent of someone’s rather blurred, fairly unappealing and distinctly bland photograph.

So how do you make product photography work, rather than stand there looking rather gormless and lost? The answer is to make the camera work harder, to introduce a range of skills and tricks to generate a creative image of the product that reaches out to the audience, says something, communicates an idea, a thought, an attitude and generates an immediate response that makes the customer want to find out more.

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