Toilet Paper: Some Trivia and History for a Fun Party Accessory

If you stop for a moment and consider that the average American uses over 21,000 sheets of toilet paper each year, it is very hard to imagine what may have been used before toilet paper’s invention. That’s over 100 single rolls per person! The answers are mind bogling, really. Items like sticks, leaves, paper, rocks, grasses were all used. Now, even when camping in the most remote parts of the wilderness, most people pack some form or another of toilet paper. Some people use toilet paper for more purposes than simply cleaning oneself after using the toilet. Many people us it to wipe their nose, remove makeup, and to bandage shaving cuts. In fact, people use toilet paper for a lot of different reasons.

Toilet paper was first developed around 1880 by the British Perforated Paper company. It was sold in boxes of individual squares, not the rolls we are so accustomed to today. Scott Paper Company, an American company, began putting toilet paper in rolls around 1880. The 乾手機 first rolls were not perforated so the toilet paper dispenser had serrated edges with teeth that cut the paper to the size needed.

The basics of toilet paper have not changed much since its 1880 debut, it is still generally made from virgin paper that is created from a combination of hardwood and softwood trees. The most significant change is probably the fact that the rolls are now perforated, although other modifications such as fragrance, embossing, and colored dyes have also been added to the production process. Ironically, it is the softwood characteristics that give the toilet paper its strength, while the hard wood fibers add a softer texture to the composition. Generally speaking, toilet paper is made of a combination that consists of 70% hardwood and 30% softwood fibers.

Toilet paper can be made in one or two-ply thicknesses which are considered to be more absorbent. Some brands come in colors to match personal decorating tastes. In addition, suppliers of party and holiday goods, generally sell holiday specific toilet papers which are great subtle additions to any holiday get-together or party. From the bathroom to use in the games of the evening, a fun holiday-themed toilet paper can really give your guests something to talk about.

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