How to Write an Eye Ball Hijacking Forex Headline

The most important element of a Forex Sales-letter is its headline. However, the typical headline templates won’t work for this cynical market. If you want to succeed, you will need to stand out and be willing to try new headline types.

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Here are three types that are delivering strong results:

Dominant Emotion: This headline attracts attention because it highlights an emotion that is gnawing at the reader. This could be feeling overwhelmed, confused, disrespected, or hopeless. This headline puts the emotion directly into the headline. For example ไฮไลท์บอล:

“Disillusioned? Are You Tired of Being Kicked in the Teeth By Forex Scams? Discover the One Forex Robot that Keeps it Word”

The Story: This headline reads like the “trailer” to a blockbuster movie. Popularized by John Carlton, this headline features a hero that performs an impossible feat that amazes the masses. The prospect keeps reading to get the rest of the story. For example:

How this blind, 18 year old high school drop-out regularly pummels Forex trading veterans – while only working 30 minutes a day!

The “Video-Line”: This headline is actually a lead-in to a benefit-focused video. The Video-Line works because it is different and an effective way to dramatize the Forex Robots benefits. However, the video has to be well done to make sure that the reader feels an irresistible urge to read the rest of the sales letter.

Although the traditional “Claim” still does convert, it is harder for this headline to raise above the clamor of competing claims. Plus, the forex market is very mature so every claim that can be made – has been tried. It is well worth your time to test the Dominant Emotion, Story, or Video Line headline types to see how they can pump-up your salesletter conversions.

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