Considering Weight-Loss Surgery?

For those who cannot qualify for weight-loss surgery in the US or cannot afford it, many are choosing Mexico, or other foreign countries where just about anyone can qualify for weight-loss surgery. The cost is much less, there are no preliminary exams, insurance or hoops you need to jump through. You just go online and pick a doctor and they will pick you up at a US border city and dash you over, put you up in a nice hotel, shuttle you to the hospital and you are done! It is assembly line surgeries and super-quick fixes at their best.

Bleeding, Myocardial Injury Are Key Drivers of Deaths After Noncardiac  Surgery |

My research led me to Mexico where I was able to follow along with the process of several bariatric surgeries from start to finish.

I began talking with Ashley, 35. Ashley did not look over-weight to me in the least. I was stunned when I learned that she was about to undergo the gastric sleeve. She had a previous tummy tuck, liposuction, and was relying upon diet pills in order to control her weight-gain. She was young and beautiful, complete with eye-lash and hair extensions, but was not happy with her body. Because of liposuction, when she gained weight, it would settle in the different areas in her body, and dangerously to the organs. She said she weighed more than she looked. I wasn’t so sure. Her husband didn’t know she was in Mexico or was having the surgery; as was the case with many of the patients I spoke to. Many were going through this alone ophtalmologues Courbevoie.

Ashley, alone in a foreign hospital and country, none the less, was about to have surgery and seemingly desperate to look good at any cost. I was concerned for her. Coming through the surgery okay seemed good at first, but her recovery was more difficult than most. I suspect it was due to the previous surgeries and procedures. I talked to her after she returned home and she reported that the pain was intense, but she thought she would recover OK, just a bit more slowly. Time will only tell the toll this surgery will truly have cost her.

Heather, who worked for the center: Heather was the perfect advertisement for the hospital. She was only 27, had the gastric sleeve and dropped from a size 10 to a size 3. The patients were so excited to have their surgery after seeing Heather! She had youth, beauty and was slim and gorgeous!

On the surface, surgery seems like the easier softer way to lose weight. It seems to be the perfect answer for some, but for others it is a different story:

Bob and his wife Jan, had gastric by-pass surgery a few years ago. Both were were more than a 100 lbs overweight. Both had severe health issues. They had high blood pressure and diabetes plus other weight contributing health issues. I was excited for them at first and believed at the time, this would be a good solution for them.

Carol, also had a bariatric surgery at about the same time. I tried to help her with some alternative solutions, however, she too was excited about the surgery. Currently 2 or 3 years later, Bob, Jan & Carol have all gained the weight back plus more!

Not only have their health problems returned but now they have a body that doesn’t function as well as it did before surgery. They are not able to absorb the proper nutrients their body needs. One person shared with me that she didn’t even register on the nutrient scale since bypass surgery! A nutritionist friend of mine knows of a young lady who died from malnutrition several years after the surgery! Her body could not absorb the nutrients she needed.

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