Flat Belly Diet Sweeping the Nation

You may have heard about it on Good Morning America. Or, a friend may already be raving about it. It’s the amazing new diet called the “Flat Belly Diet”. The reason you’ve heard about it is because … it works! Even better, it’s simple and easy to follow. What better way to lose the extra pounds you gained over the Holidays?

The diet was created by the folks at Prevention Magazine. It was created by Prevention magazine’s Editor in Chief Liz Vaccariello and Nutrition Editor Cynthia Sass. Mary Anne Speshok, a resident of Bethlehem, NJ, was selected along with several other dieters to Okinawa Flat belly tonic be featured on a segment of Good Morning America on Wednesday. Speshok claims she lost a whopping 46 pounds after following the instructions of the Flat Belly Diet! book and speed walking six days a week. She dropped from a size 16 to a size 8.

Here’s a brief overview of what the diet involves:

-Start with a Four-Day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart, and add

-A daily dose of Sassy Water and

-A Mind Trick at every meal plus

-A Four-Week Eating Plan, comprised of

-Three 400-calorie meals a day of your choice and

-One 400-calorie Snack Pack of your choice and

-One daily Core Confidence reflection

-An Optional Exercise Program, plus

The foundation for a way of life you can continue for decades.

Here’s the best part — you don’t feel like you are on a diet. You get to eat a wide variety of foods and can eat enough throughout the day to not feel hungry. You can have yummy snacks like chocolate pudding with bananas and graham crackers as well as eating real food like grilled mushroom and roasted pepper burgers.

The theory behind the diet is that a moderate fat diet is better for losing weight then a low fat diet. The weight not only comes off easier it also stays off better. The trick is to eat foods that have “good” fats, also known as “mono unsaturated fatty acids” (or MUFA — pronounced like “MOO-fa”).

The Flat Belly diet centers around five foods that have these good fats in them naturally and those five food groups are oils, chocolate, nuts and seeds, olives, and avocados. You simply need to eat one serving from any of these groups at a meal. All meals should be around 400 calories, enough to curb your hunger but not to stuff yourself. This diet will give you energy and will melt off the stubborn belly fat.

A key feature of the Flat Belly diet is its focus on health and energy. Who wouldn’t lose weight on one of those 1200 calorie a day diets? But who is going to stick with it? Featuring healthy, wholesome foods and a 1,600-calorie-a-day guideline, the Flat Belly Diet is as healthy as they come.

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