10 Solid Reasons To Make Your Next PC A Notebook

Notebook computers are becoming very popular. They seem
to be popping up everywhere: on tv shows, on airplanes,
in movies, or in your friend’s lap. These sleek little
machines are invading our daily lives like never before…
and the invasion has just started. Find out why they have
become so popular with their users and why your next PC
should probably be a notebook computer.

It is estimated that over 42 million computer notebooks
will be produced this year. And that number is said to
be growing by 20% each year. So what’s driving the demand
for these devices, what’s making them so popular?

It’s more than just the next tehno fad, notebook computers
offer some very practical solutions to our computing
requirements and needs. There are some real solid reasons why they
have become so popular among their users. These are the same
reasons why you should consider making your next PC purchase
a notebook or laptop computer.

So if you need convincing, here are those 10 solid reasons
why you should consider buying a notebook computer:

1. Size. This is one situation where size really does matter.
It’s the main reason you should consider buying a notebook or
laptop in the first place. You want a PC that will fit neatly
in your hand to take to your next office meeting, you want
a convenient laptop to take to class or you want a notebook
for your next cross country business trip.

Notebooks come in a variety of sizes to match your needs or
purpose. They are categorized or grouped accordingly:

Tablet PC (smallest) Size of a paper tablet or notepad, less than 3

Utra Portable (small), around 11″ x 10″, less than 1.3 inches thick, less
than 4 pounds.

Thin and Light (mid-size), around 11-14″ x 11″, 1 to 1.4 inches thick, from 5
to 7 pounds.

Desktop Replacements (largest), more than 13″ x 11″, more than 1.5 inches, more
than 7 pounds and up.

As you can see there is a great range of sizes so you should have no
trouble finding a notebook computer to satisfy your needs. Just match
the notebook size to the main purpose or use of your notebook and you
can’t go wrong.

2. Portability. Probably the second, if not the most important reason
you’re considering buying a notebook or laptop. You want a PC that’s portable
and lightweight. One that you can take macbook 回收價 anywhere; to class, to meetings,
on business trips or from room to room in your home.

This freedom of movement — taking your office or vital data along on
your business or personal travels is the main selling point of the
notebook computer. The portability factor is one you should seriously
consider — do you need a portable computer for your home, work or just
for pure enjoyment.

3. Performance. Not too long ago, notebooks or laptops were viewed by
many as second class computers when compared to the performance and
speed of the mighty desktop PC. Distance cousins discreetly allocated
to the sidelines.

But things have changed! Although still not on par with the desktop,
thanks to the next generation notebook chipset, Intel’s New Sonoma
Platform, many notebooks come very close to providing the performance level
of a desktop PC. Many notebooks, especially the desktop replacements,
already have impressive technical specs that would shame most ordinary
desktops. Some of these desktop replacements even use desktop processors
or CPU’s.

With hard drives up to 100GB or more at (7,200rpm), with RAM up to 2MB in
some cases, and supported with Intel Pentium 4’s, at 3.4GHz or more — most
notebooks are very capable of handling almost all computing applications and
functions with ease. They can do the job.

4. Connections. We live in a wireless world. The notebook will do for
computers, what the cell phone did for the telephone industry — make our
communications wireless. Being constantly connected to your friends, your
business or your family does have a certain appeal that can’t be denied.
The notebook computer will give you this wireless connection.

Most notebooks now come with WI-FI (Wireless Fidelity), also known as
802.11 a/b/g, with the ability to stay connected no matter where you are.
As more and more businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and airports
offer these ‘hot spots’ or WI-FI service to their patrons, easy
connections will become commonplace.

5. Function. There are certain functions that are unique to the
notebook computer. The tablet PC provides a convenient device for note
taking and data gathering that’s not practical on a desktop computer.
For business professionals such as doctors, lawyers, real estate
agents…these tablet notebooks do very practical ‘in-the-field’ chores
or tasks. Other notebooks are very useful for powerpoint presentations
at meetings and other gatherings.

6. Backup. The notebook or laptop can be used as a convenient backup
of your vital files and programs. Often overlooked, but the notebook can
provide a rather cheap and safe way to protect your sensitive data.
Anyone who has had a major or total loss of their hard drives can appreciate
the importance of having a safe backup system.

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