A CONSUMER ALERT About Big Brand Name Skin Care Products – Why They Are Not Necessarily the Best

Let’s face it, there is a HUGE misperception about big brand name skin care products among consumers. Advertising and marketing tactics point to them as being the best products around, but are they really? This article will reveal the honest truth about most big brand name skin care products. Botox wholesale worldwide shipping

Think about this for a second: What makes big brand name skin care products so popular? Is it the known effectiveness of the product? No. Is it the price tag they come with? No.

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You know what it is? It’s advertising!

Big brand name skin care products are advertised like crazy to spread the word to consumers about them. Once someone walks into a store and sees a product made by a brand they have already heard of before, they are much more likely to buy it.

But to be honest, it has really gotten to the point now where it seems like big brand name skin care companies are allocating more resources towards advertising and marketing than to the development of quality products. When the brand name of a company gets to be so well-known, it allows the company to make lower quality products since it’s the name that is making the sale, not the effectiveness of the product.

Look at how celebrity endorsements help to skyrocket sales of big brand name skin care products. As soon as consumers hear from one of their favorite celebrities that a certain product changed their life for the better, it becomes another reason to buy the product.

If you ask me (and many other experts as well), smaller skincare companies are much more motivated to make a high quality product because it is their only means of competing with the bigger brand names. They do not have the money to spend on heavy advertising and marketing systems and they only way they can prove themselves is to make effective products and rely on consumer feedback as a promotional method.

Some food for thought: I’m not saying that all big brand name skin care products are useless. I’m just saying that you may find better options from less popular companies that have a high motivation to make a quality product. I found a skincare company based in New Zealand that make the highest quality products I’ve used in a long time, and the prices are very reasonable considering the results I’ve experienced by using them.

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