Tacky Christian (Chain) Messages

Have you ever been sent an email telling you that you need to fwd it to all of your friends or Hotmail will close your account leaving you a friendless leper in the digital wasteland? Or been sent “proof” that Obama is a secret Muslim, hell-bent on sending all Christians to concentration camps? Maybe you’ve gotten the one about quickly reposting some phrase on Facebook in order to maintain your salvation? While some of these posts seem harmless,  these tacky messages are tragically toxic, especially when they are labeled as “Christian.”

The word tacky is defined as “not tasteful, cheap, tasteless, and crude.” That is exactly how I define a large majority of the chain messages propagated by Facebook/sms. And while I’m quite sure after this post, I will never ever have to worry about receiving another chain text message (or maybe even a regular text message ever), I sincerely think these messages are harmful and I want to convince you to stop 수원스웨디시.


There are a few types or variations of chain messages that regularly make their way through my phone, in fact some have been disproven and still cycle back every year. The basic premise of these messages is that the recipient is stimulated by guilt, fear, shame, rage, or reward, to forward the message to as many people as they can. This is different than normal texting situations, such as when someone sends their friends faith building idea, because chain messaging insists that you must respond by forwarding (and propogates when people obey).

1. Religion simplified type

This type of chain letter offers a very simple view of Christianity. Usual themes are “God loves you, please choose to be a Christian, then prove you’re a Christian” and etc. Sounds good, right? Except that when you severely over-simplify Christianity to be based on our short term behavioral response, you often lose vital parts that are absolutely necessary, such as Jesus dying on the cross for sins, salvation by faith, being born again, joining a church, and etc. These types of messages teach the wrong thing about Christianity.

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