Beer Promotion Tips That Will Attract Thousands of Amateur Girls and Guys

If you own a bar and need to get traffic into your account, you should focus on doing creative Beer Promotions.

Amateur Girls from all over the United States showed up to their local bars for the chance to grace the cover of Maxim Magazine. Coors light and Maxim Magazine teamed up to present a beer promotion that thousands of beer consumers will never forget.

Beer Promotion Tips

Beer Promotions should be fun and entertaining and allow your consumers to interact.

When developing a beer promotion, you need to know how to drive your targeted traffic to your account.

What is it going to take to get male consumers into your bar? The reason you want male consumers is because over 70 percent of beer is purchases by men.

How to Attract Men to your Bar

1. Using attractive girls to lure in the males has always been away to pack your bar full of male consumers.

You need to develop a promotion that will attract women to your bar. What do women want and what will have them running to your bar?

Did you mention a chance to be in Maxim Magazine???

Coors Brewing Company put their heads together to determine what type of promotion would get girls into a bar interacting with their brand. They knew that if they could get attractive girls into local bars, their targeted male consumers would be right behind the attractive girls.

Conducting the Beer Promotion

Now that you know what will attract the girls to your account, you know need to get your message out about the creative beer promotion.

1. Develop attractive Point of Sales material such as fliers and banners to promote the event.

2. Create sign up sheets to stay in รูปสาวเน็ตไอดอล contact with consumers to build a relationship with them

3. Have a contest were the prize is valuable to the winner so they will want to participate.

Most important: Make sure you allow the guys to interact. Let them become Judges and pick the winner.

Why Thousands of Attractive Amateur Girls Showed Up

I could not believe how many attractive girls showed up in the New York area to get the opportunity to get their picture taken.

I was responsible for taking the girls photos. I had a canon digital camera and a Model Search backdrop set up in the bar. I would have the girls pose as sexy as they could and then I would take the photo. I had so many guys in the bar that would crowd the back drop just to get a glance at what the girls were doing.

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