Using Automated Car Parking Solutions

Computerization of various processes is becoming very common and car parking procedures are among those being computerised. Automated systems can make parking more efficient, fast, and safe. There are even software being designed to provide solutions to a variety of parking problems and to make the areas more space sufficient and environment-friendly. Aside from being more economically sound, these software are also more convenient. Below are just some examples of these computerised parking solutions.

  • Some car parking solutions allow you to book your slot beforehand, saving time spent looking for a free parking space. These automatic car systems can save you the hassle of driving in the parking lot searching for the right place to park. The idea of having a place already reserved for you is very appealing for anyone who has experienced looking for a parking space. For this kind of system, you can have a graphical representation for the car spaces available from where you can choose and book the space. The system is integrated with the barrier system that allows you to check in automatically if you have a space reserved. The system will automatically detect the number plate and allows entry driveway security bollards installation.
  • Another software is one that fully utilises automatic procedures and operations. With just a press of a button your car is parked for you. The vehicle can be parked by using computer systems where it is lifted and automatically placed to the level assigned by the computer. This kind of technology is having a lot of good feedback from many users because of the convenience it brings. This system works with the same principle as that of a high-bay storage system and is very easy for customers to use. The customer will just park the vehicle in a large hand-over room like a garage. The big advantage with this parking system is that a parking attendant will provide the details and assistance to the user on what to do. Once the customer has dropped off his vehicle in the hand-over room a lifting mechanism turns the car in the right direction and transports it into the car stacking system, where the vehicle is safely deposited in an empty parking unit. When the customer returns and pays for the corresponding parking fee, the transport unit retrieves the car from its shelf and returns it to the hand-over room. Finally, the customer enters the hand-over room and drives the car out without having to drive backwards as the vehicle turntable has already positioned the vehicle in the right direction.

Some benefits of this auto automated system is that even the space between the hand-over room and the destination can be used for storing cars as it consists of a rack of movable parking units. This combination of fixed and movable racks enables the automated car parking system to achieve the maximum amount of parking space that can ensure high capacity parking with the minimum floor space. The most important benefit of these automated parking systems is the ability to handle hundreds or thousands of cars in an efficient and timely manner which can solve many of our parking problems today.

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