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One of the thoughts about piracy is that BitTorrent is the problem. It is true that there are millions of illegal downloads done through torrents. Many ISPs have started to adopt the concept that if they throttle or slow down torrents that this will help with pirated software. Is this strategy going to actually work?

Look at this logically. If torrents no longer existed, would there be online piracy? Of course there would be. If ISPs throttled torrents to 0 kb/s, there would still be plenty of piracy Kickass torrents. Does hurting those who use torrents to transfer legal files justify slowing their speed down or taking away the ability to use this technology? Most likely the answer is no.

The reason that torrents or torrent speeds don’t matter is because people will use other forms of bandwidth to get illegal files thehiltonian. If something effects one form of bandwidth, many people will just move illegal files to a different format.

When internet speeds were slower, people would set up a torrent and download a movie. Sometimes this would take three or four days on slow connections. Today people just upload movies to video sharing sites and they are streamed. This means they are being temporarily downloaded while watched.

In the past few years, even on connections that have left torrents alone, the percentage of illegal file sharing has gone down on torrents but has increased on other methods that won’t be described here to protect copyright.

When there are a large amount of people online who just don’t care about copyright, rights, laws, or rules there will always be other uses of bandwidth to pirate files regardless if ISPs actually take away the ability to torrent. At this point slowing down torrents might not make the most sense as it will make these harder for people who use them for legal purposes.

Affiliate programs on the internet have become increasingly popular over recent years. And as such, every one wants a piece of the action and also a part of the profits to be made. For those just starting out, here are a couple of affiliate marketing tips to help you get on track.

The key to a successful start with an affiliate program is not necessarily to make as much as you can initially but to get a feel for the industry and to see how it works. While doing extensive research on the subject will certainly give you a good start, just remember that there’s no substitute for experience. So where do you start?

Positive results with affiliate programs rely on a number of things, the most important of which is traffic. That means getting loads of visitors who will be able to see the ads on your website and follow through on them. And this is done through SEO – a collection of techniques that can be used to guide you from the registration of the domain through to the continual promotion of your website on the internet to get the traffic you want.

Interestingly enough, one of the key fundamentals of both SEO and affiliate marketing is to focus the content of your new website around a subject you are passionate about. Doing something you know nothing of will reflect on your website and could see the number of returning visitors declining in a very short space of time.

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