Can You Use Winstrol to Increase Your Muscle Mass?

Winstrol or “red yeast” as it is commonly known by its users, is a prescription strength (Rx) anti-steroidal drug that has been around the pharmaceutical scene for decades. A prescription of Winstrol is usually only required if the patient is suffering with an abnormal angioedema, severe diarrhea, persistent diarrhea or other conditions that have caused a loss of oxygen in the blood. For those that are not in this category, Winstrol can be used for its symptomatic relief and the relief from winstrol joint pain and other bodily discomfort that has resulted from an impaired immune system.

Winstrol - What should you know about winstrol before using it -

So what is Winstrol and can it help you? First of all, let’s understand the basics. The active chemical in Winstrol, stanozol, is a naturally occurring steroid that has been found effective in treating some medical conditions, especially if the condition is acute and symptoms are occurring at the time the drug is taken. Winstrol, also known as red yeast, is a diuretic steroid and an anti-androgen. It’s most effective usage is for cases of arthritis where the skin has been damaged due to injury, disease or other causes and the symptoms causing the damage have not erupted yet.

In its most common use, winstrol is taken as a prescription topical ointment to be applied directly to the affected area on a day to day basis. As with any prescription medication, there are potential side effects that may occur from taking this kind of medicine. Some of the more common side effects include excessive sweating and the flushing of the skin (commonly referred to as blushing), abdominal pain, nausea, headaches and, strangely enough, the reduction of the muscle mass in the abdominal area. Of course, these are minor effects and are easily manageable by adjusting the dosage, as well as how and when you take the winstrol. Most people can handle mild to moderate side effects with no problems.

So why are so many athletes now taking winstrol? It’s simple, as the name suggests, it makes athletes gain lean muscle mass while putting a stop to their testosterone levels. Testosterone is the primary cause of most cases of excessive body fat, especially around the waist. It’s not hard to see where the relationship might lie. Winstrol prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which means that the body never experiences an estrogen overload. It does this by decreasing estrogen production while increasing the number of receptors located on the muscle cell, allowing more of the hormone to enter the muscle cells.

Another important factor in why so many bodybuilders and athletes are taking winstrol is because it promotes dramatic increases in muscle mass during the anabolic phase of muscle building, when the hormones are circulating in the bloodstream. What happens during an anabolic cycle is that the liver produces large quantities of cortisol, which causes the body to hold onto water. When you’re in a feeding state for too long, you can easily damage your kidneys, so any way to avoid these harsh effects is desirable. Taking winstrol prevents damage to the kidneys while also promoting water production in the liver, allowing for increased energy levels and a longer recovery time between workouts.

As interesting as all of this may sound, there are still some facts that aren’t known about this supplement. For example, it has been tested on mice, but given to human subjects, including athletes, and no evidence of harmful side effects have been discovered. However, in a study published by Nature Research, mice were injected with high doses of winstrol, and it caused severe liver damage. This is because high dosages of stanozolol are extremely toxic, and so the risk of this happening is fairly uncommon. Additionally, while some studies have shown clear improvements in athletic performance, other research has found no significant effects.

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