Learn Secrets of Renting Homes Fast and For More Money – Advertising Part Two – Third in a Series

In a previous article in this series on how to rent houses fast for more money we talked about why simply advertising on the free websites is not enough. What you say and where you say it are both important.

There are a number of reasons for this, but if you are looking to fill a vacant rental house fast, the first thing you must do is get noticed. You have to get the attention of the prospect. Advertising people have described the entire process of advertising effectively and shortened the process to AIDA.

First you absolutely must get the prospects Attention. Then make them Interested and create Desire. Then they must Act. To get the prospect to rent your vacant house fast and for more money you must first get their attention.

This is not an easy job. You are competing with thousands of other advertisements in sites like Craigslist sites like backpage and your ad must stand out. It must attract attention, gain the interest of the viewer, surfer and create desire. Once you have done that you need the call to action, which is to CALL YOU.

The Headline and the copy must stress BENEFITS, not features, and must be written from the prospective renter’s point of view. You must care about what it is that they want, not what you have to sell. In my search for the secrets to renting houses fast for more money, I pulled together information learned in advertising class from my days in journalism school and a variety of psychological, marketing and sales research as to why people buy and how they make those decisions in discovering how to construct advertising that gets results.

Amazingly we found research data from other fields showing that often price is not the key element, allowing you to rent houses faster and for more money if you follow these guide lines.

You need to offer a product that will at least appear to be different and uniquely better than the competition. We solved this for ourselves by developing the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids Program(TM). While the name is trademarked, the process is easily ripped off.

Be sure to list your unique benefit in the headline of your ads and keep in mind that the large search engines like Google and Yahoo will go through the listings on Craigslist and Backpage, so you want to use the key words that will get you noticed by persons doing a search on Google or Yahoo.

Put yourself in the shoes of a person looking for a rental in the area where you have a house and think what words they are searching. You need to have as many searchable key words in your headline as possible even if readability suffers.

Jam the headline with words stressing benefits and location of your house for rent even if it does not read like normal English. “No Qualify, Rent to Own, Pretty Home, Huge Fenced Yard, Pets OK, Near Gulf Beaches” will attract more interest than “You’ll Love this 3 bedroom Pretty Home in New Port Richey,” even though the second headline reads like real English.

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