Tour of Macau

Visiting the attractions, sea trips, visit places of art and culture, enjoying food, and enjoying the nightlife of Macau to the fullest are some of the opportunities you must think about while going to Macau.

Best Time to Visit

The weather of this particular region of the world is temperate and sultry and there are excellent variations in the temperature all round the year. Autumn, that commences from October and lasts till December is the best period for vacation to this place.

Important Festivals and Exhibitions

All round the year Macau holds different international proceedings such as the International Fireworks Festival, and the Macau International Music Festival, that draws the attention of millions of people all around the world.

Macau also organises the twelve-monthly Macau Grand Prix, which allures nearly 70,000 visitors. A massive audience of 220 million spectators all around the world can see the races and contests that includes international drivers thumping the famous Guia Circuit, through satellite.

Munerous other sports take place over here like Macau Golf Open which takes place after every two years, the december global holidays Dragon Boat Races in June each year and the Macau global Marathon which takes place in November.


Hong Kong, one of the most affluent market places in the entire world and now a part of China is approximately around 60 km from Macau. Despite being a major shopping place it is also an excellent place for sightseeing.

Canton the capital of the Guangdong in China and a past trading post is an additional destination which is a must visit site. Earlier it was not feasible to visit Guangzhou from Macau, but presently it is conveniently accessible by road and by air.

Nightlife in Macau

Macau’s discos, pubs, and nightclubs are very popular among the tourists and is an integral part of the destination which is one of the major reasons why Macau is so famous with the visitors.


Macau is not a very popular destination for shopping like Hong Kong or Singapore. Nonetheless, you come across good Portuguese wine, antique pieces,good collection of books, and other mementos. Leal Senado Square is the chief market and exceedingly suggested for this purpose.


There are numerous excellent lodging choices offered in Macau including hotels of all kinds suiting your pocket. Portuguese – style inns, guesthouses, and hostels all are available there.

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