Using Your Blog to Market Your Business

It is very easy to start and manage a blog. First, you must sign up and create a profile, and start posting. You can update content as frequently as you like without any special skills to manage the blog. As a marketing tool, blogs are very effective because they increase your ranking with the search engines. This is important to get your niche market to find you online. Search engines are quite partial to blogs since they are updated with fresh content frequently and also because of the multiple links to and from a blog in the blogging community.

Here are some ways in which you can use your blog to promote your business:
Post interesting information regularly so that your visitors and clients enjoy coming back regularly Sherry dyson. This will help build your relationship with your clients.

o Link to other related blogs and websites through your blog. They should have information that adds value to your business. You can post all the latest news and information about your area of work so that your customers have a one-stop point for all their information.
o Browse around and find blogs similar or related to your work. Comment on their posts and link back to your blog and website. This activity will increase your ranking with the search engines.
o You can add a sign up box on your blog for your newsletter or ezine, enabling visitors to subscribe. You can also arrange so that your visitors are notified each time you add new information.
o Blogs can be used like websites to promote and sell your products.
o You can add a video clips to your blog – these can be your own marketing video clip or testimonials.

Even if you have a website, start a blog. Do the research about which keywords your visitors use to find you. Use these in the content you post. In fact, your blog title must also contain your primary keyword.

It is advisable to add an RSS feed to your blog so that all your readers can subscribe and informed you each time you update your blog. You can also submit your blog to the blog directories in order to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Picking which site to use when you are just starting a blog can be difficult when you have never blogged before. At the end of the day, the most important criteria in the beginning is ease of use. You want to be able to focus on the real task at hand: posting blogs.

Rather than talking about every blog site under the sun, lets focus on the top 2 most used blog sites: WordPress and Blogger. I should start by saying I have used both of these platforms and would recommend both. However, there are some subtle differences that will help you decide between the two.

If you consider yourself a “computer rookie” (great at checking email and surfing the net), I would definitely recommend Blogger. This platform is very basic, easy to navigate and provides plenty of flexibility for the “rookie”. In addition, the themes, or format of the actual blog have a very useful right hand column. You have the ability to add 19 different “gadgets”. This system of gadgets make it simple to add pictures, videos, RSS feed, subscription links, news reels, blog lists, polls, video bars, html, java scrip, Ad sense, and more. This area is like your own personal billboard, allowing you to add creativity, personality, and potentially monetize affiliates.

If you consider yourself more technical, and understand words like html coding, themes, widgets, plug-ins, and domain hosting you will likely be happier with WordPress. Many of the “Professional” bloggers use WordPress. Many people want to follow in the footsteps of the “successful” bloggers, and that is okay, just be ready to do a little extra learning and troubleshooting. WordPress will provide more depth, flexibility, customization, and have an overall cleaner look.

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