Getting Subscribers to Your Blog

Many have started blogs and have got a fairly good amount of traffic coming though. But, how many of those visitors are people who will come back to read new posts on the blog? It’s usually not many, unless it’s easy for them to do so. Many bloggers take the opportunity to provide ways for visitors to easily become subscribers to their blog to allow them to be notified when new stuff is posted. They’re also able to track and see how many subscribers and followers they’re receiving. So, how do you get subscribers to your blog?

Provide the Button To Subscribe: First of all, visitors can’t subscribe if there is no option for them to do so So be sure to add this button to your blog in an easily-viewed space. The most popular button to use is the traditional orange RSS feed. Ideally, put it somewhere on the top of your screen so it is visible when a visitor first gets to your site.

Use Social Media To Gain Recognition: Most visitors will probably not subscribe to your blog the first time they see it. But, if they keep seeing it on various social media sites and keep finding topics and news they’re looking for on your site, then they’ll be more likely to subscribe. Social media gives the aura that many people are talking about your site and that it is popular.

Make Your Blog Unique and Known For One Thing: Basically, you’ll want to create a personality for your blog. When someone mentions your blog someone else should be like “Oh yeah, that place has great recipes” or “Oh yeah, that guys tips on photography is amazing”. You’ll want people to talk like that about whatever your expertise is on your blog. If you start going off topic just to go along with what’s popular, you will temporarily get more traffic, but not too many followers because you’re not one expert on one topic, you’re just another person who talks about mainstream things.

Content is King, but Design is Vital: You may be writing amazing blog posts, but no one will want to read them if the blog isn’t visually pleasing to look at. Make sure your blog layout and color scheme is proper and easy to view on a computer screen. If you’re hosting your blog on WordPress, check out some free wordpress themes that will add some style to your blog.

If you have a video of your business that you wish to publish to your target market it is easy as 1-2-3 using your business blog. Simply upload your video to your blog and create a post to disseminate it. If you have customers that are subscribers to your blog, as soon as you create a new post with your blog, your customers will be notified. This capability is great for training purposes. If your business requires that you provide ongoing training, using a video blog is a powerful and easy to use tool at your disposal to accomplish just that.

The user interface to create your video blog is simple and intuitive. The Blogger interface has easy to follow instructions for you to use when posting your video blog. Video blogging will give you a wonderful opportunity to project your self branding. Your appearance on the video can send strong messages to your prospective customers. It’s a fast way to gain their trust and admiration of you and your brand. A video blog has the quality of presenting the aura of a genuine live person who can be seen and heard. People naturally develop a “feel” for you and what you are all about.

Another great capability of a video blog is your ability to propagate your video message to other video providers like you tube. Most blogger interfaces provide the tools to easily share your video blog with you tube and other services. This opens many doors of opportunity for you to create a marketing community that can reach vast audiences. With the advancements being made in video production software, you can tap into powerful video editing software suites to create professional and vibrant video productions to wow your intended audiences. Research has indicated that people video viewers have an average 80% retention rate.

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