Four Investments Every Online Internet Marketer Needs

Can you spare a dollar and fifty cents a day? What if I told you that is all you need to run an online business? While it is true you can make money online with no money down, if you are serious about affiliate or internet marketing you will need to invest in your business. There are four basic investments you should consider when you are ready to take your business to the next level.

The first and least expensive of these is a domain name. Domain names can run anywhere from 99 cents from places like GoDaddy to thousands or even millions of dollars. Most commonly, you can get a good “dot com” domain name for under 10 dollars GoDaddy email login. A domain name can be used in 2 different ways. You can purchase a domain for the primary purpose of branding yourself, or you can focus on a keyword rich name that will steer you into a specific niche. One way to save a little more on this first investment is to search for coupons online before purchasing. All in all, you can still get a good name and if you were to invest even ten dollars on this, it breaks down to just 3 cents a day.

The next necessity is to find your own hosting. Your hosting is basically your lot of internet land where your domain name will live. Like any other land you would consider purchasing not all hosting is the same. Some hosting is basically just a bare bones hard drive space — think some open desert. Other hosting will come with an easy to navigate cPanel and other options such as scripts that will install in one click and allow you to create a website or blog in just seconds. Consider those to be lush green fields with fresh water running through. If you are new to a hosting investment you may want to consider going for something with a few more options, A decent hosting package with all the bells and whistles from a place like HostMonster can run as little as 80 dollars a year – and some will even give your your first domain name for free for as long as you stay hosted with them. At that eighty dollar amount this breaks down to as little as 22 cents a day.

As you can see, we have covered 2 of our 4 investments and already we are only at a quarter a day. So, where does the other buck twenty-five go?

The next investment into your online business is a bit more expensive, but can be reduced in price when you pay in a bit longer term. It is an expense that some do not take seriously, but when used properly this one expense can carry your business for years — even if your hosting and domain were no longer in tact. This is your autoresponder. An autoresponder is a list builder and is responsible for capturing vital information of your websites visitors, and providing you with a way to contact those folks again who have shown an interest in what ever it is you are offering. When someone signs up to your list, the information can be stored on another site that will back up your clients and provide you with a way to prepare messages to them in advance, as well as many other features. While you can build a list without this, using a service to do this for you will save you great amounts of time. The AR services can track things like when your customers have clicked on links sent out, giving you vital data and statistics you can easily use to increase your conversion rates. Your list is and will remain a long term way for you to make money and is worth the additional investment. A service that is quite comprehensive and will allow you as much growth as you desire like AWeber will cost roughly 20 dollars a month at a non discounted rate. So, at it’s highest we have just added on 65 cents.

Now we are down to our last 60 cents. What can you get for sixty cents a day?

Your virtual land has been purchased, and your domain name (the address for your visitors to come to) and you are ready to build your list. Do you know what to do next? Having a plan is important. Even more important is having the education behind you to devise a proper plan. One of the best ways to get an ongoing education as well as the tools you will need to continue to grow is by joining a specialized membership site. It is possible to find a site geared toward your online marketing that will not only continue to educate you but will provide you with additional benefits and bonuses that will teach you the technical details as well as give you the content or inventory you need to stay in business. While the first 3 investments can be done in a matter of minutes, your education and need for tools and inventory will be an ongoing adventure. Finding a site that can provide you with all these things is possible without spending thousands of dollars. A site like More Than Members is just one that is not only affordable but uses multi-media to enable users to learn in what ever manner suits them best. A full membership to a place like this can be had for as little as 54 cents a day.

While it is good to have some money to make money, you can see the money you need does not have to be thousands of dollars. For less than a dollar and fifty cents a day you can get the 4 essential investments to producing a successful internet business. In the end, $1.50 can not only lead you to generating hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day, but can all be written off on your taxes. After all, it is all investment into your business.

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