Article Writing Vs Press Releases – Choosing the Best One to Market Your Online Business

If you are the owner of an online business and keen to create successful advertising and online marketing campaign, it is essential that you clearly understand the difference between article writing and press releases. Though both article writing and press releases are significant factors that contribute in developing your business, the two forms are quite different from one another. Depending on your needs, finance and requirements, you should choose the option that suits you best. News releases, E-book writing, blog writing and posting and article writing -all the varied tools used by online marketers to promote their websites.

Online marketers often consider article writing to be an effective tool that helps in promoting a website. Basically, article writing involves writing articles and then submitting these articles to various article directories. Each article contains relevant information about the services, products or other areas of your business Sherry Dyson. Each article contains links which open to your site. Online readers who find the content interesting can click on the links to visit your site. This generates heavy traffic, benefiting your business greatly. On the basis of the chosen article directory, the articles can be topical; some directories do not allow highly promotional articles. The main feature of any form of content writing is to attract the attention of the readers and make them aware of the products and services available.

There are varied advantages of article writing. For instance, it paves the way for high reach that is otherwise not possible in other forms of advertising. Articles can also be used for increasing website ranking by the search engines. Presence of adequate and relevant links also helps in generating high traffic. Like website content writing, blog writing and posting, E-book writing and article writing, press releases are also considered as an essential tool for online marketing. The topic of press releases must be newsworthy that is news about your particular product, services or any other event in your business.

Press releases are significant only in a very short period of time. Once the news becomes old, nobody is interested in it. On the contrary, articles do not have these restrictions. Interestingly, both press releases and articles can be selected by various blogs and sites. There are different web portals who and would be keen in using your releases for their web pages to attract traffic.

We all want more traffic to our websites and blogs, and it can be hard to get it, especially for a newer site. Traffic is so important to an online business. If you double traffic then you can double your earnings, assuming the quality of the traffic is the same. Here are some simple ways to help you increase the traffic to your site.

Offer freebies

Freebies can create a nice goodwill feeling on your blog, and can attract natural links when people tell other people about them. Also your free gifts can often contain reminders about your website. For instance I give away free hypnotherapy audios, and at the start of each one I remind them of my web address. If you give away a free e book, then there’s nothing to stop you from mentioning and linking to some of your online resources.

Write a humorous post

You can be as clever and as useful as you want, but nothing is more appealing on the internet than a little humour (well expect porn maybe!). At the time of writing, my eighth most popular post on this blog is a humorous look at bad jobs. Posts such as this share well on social network sites, and get eyes on your site. Lots of pictures and a quick punchy style often work. Also make sure you remember to share it at various social networks.

Of course it may not be the most targeted traffic in the world, but sometimes it’s good to get a load of people on your site. A certain percentage will be interested in other things you have to say, especially if your funny content is at least vaguely related to your niche.

Write a huge post

If you write a huge informational post (like this one), then you are likely to attract some natural links to it – hint, hint! Good blog owners know the value of pointing their visitors to great content. They didn’t need to spend ages writing it, yet they have provided it for their visitors, who will be extremely grateful. It is good practice in the blogosphere to link out to great content. If you give your visitors a good experience, then you are going to be more popular yourself. Also some people believe that search engines rewards sites that link out to quality content. Google want their users to be satisfied with their search results. A site that has its own great content AND links to other great content is a real asset, and the search engines probably recognise this and rank them higher.

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