How Email Archiving Solutions Provide Security to Businesses

The fact that email has become one of the most important forms of communication in the corporate world is non-debatable. Right from the initial communication to sending quotations, invoices, etc. everything is done via emails. It can be easily said that the value of emails has become equivalent to what the validity of written documents were a few years ago Email1and1. This makes it important to protect and store the emails properly.

While sending and receiving emails are quick and time saving, there are several problems associated with this type of communication. With each employee receiving thousands of emails every month, it puts on a lot of pressure on the company email servers. Moreover, looking for an email that was received or sent months or perhaps years ago can be a daunting task. Apart from this, there is always the fear of deleting important emails either by mistake or purposefully.

Email archiving is a process where the emails sent or received by every individual in a company is removed from the primary email database and stored in a secondary one. This can either be done manually or automatically, although most companies prefer automatic email archiving. In the later process, the emails are archived during the transportation stage and are saved either in a magnetic disk storage or a cloud based storage.

This are archived in the secondary email database, and these include not just the text content but also the attachments with every mail. These are also indexed so as to make it easier to search for them when the need arises. The emails are saved in read-only format so that the records are always available in their original state, and no one can make any changes to it. These archives can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

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