Home Business and Blogging Part 5

A blog is a website or part of a website that usually features one or more of the following criteria: Editorial Commentary Links to external sites, often seen as recommendations which may, or may not, be factual. Blogs tell stories. Usually about a specific topic, subject, or genre. It tends to be opinionated and personal and could be considered newsy rather than news. Blogs create interaction with the audience and may include photographs of you and your activities. Blogs are now carrying breaking news, gossip, and little tidbits that intrigues the media. Business blogs are all about putting a human face to your company customer base when you open a business blog.

Businesses should look at their current set-up, check their financial position and choose a provider with strong sector experience and a reliable reputation capsdoc.com. The culture of the customer is one that has conditioned them to look for opportunities to talk to businesses, express their opinions about businesses, share their purchasing experiences with businesses as well as look for those companies (especially the ones they like) which are willing to talk back and share the inside story of how the company is being run and managed.

The opportunity here is that any business can position themselves as leaders in their market, in their communities and most importantly in the minds of their customers by simply talking about how they are doing business and asking for input and feedback from customers. It takes some time to build an effective business blog but with the right strategy for your business and right guidance on how to deploy social communication tools in your business, you could be well on your way to improving customer relationships, building brand equity and keeping your competitors in check.

Blogging is a great way to make sure that your content is always fresh, and thus regularly checked in on by Google and company. Because that’s what will make a reader that finds your content through a search engine decide whether to visit your website or not. This is the make or break point that determines whether you get read or passed over in favor of someone else’s content.

Most would say the main purpose of blogging is to communicate ones personal creative thoughts publicly, basically like a journal, however over time it has become a useful tool in increasing the visibility of websites on the major search engine sites we surf on daily; to use blogging as a marketing tool your website must be optimized using SEO marketing tactics. Doing this helps search engines such as Google to find your blog and rank your site because of it.

Here are some tips on how to get your blog ranked. It is very important that your blogs URL link contains keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to the theme of your blog. Getting your blog ranked high on Google is not a short or easy task; however it is possible even without a big budget. There are SEO marketing tweaks you can do to your article that will make it quality raking material. Another good tip is to choose one keyword or keyword phrase then write or tweak your article around it. Don’t let the keywords control the topic of the article, but better yet let them mold to your article keeping in mind that content is very important as well. The better quality the writing, the higher your chances are of being ranked from these search engines. For example if your blog is about tigers you might want to have a keyword phrase in the blog saying something like, What do tigers eat? When creating a title for your blog the post title should have words related to your topic remember search engines love links so link as many as you can come up with. Also, Link your page with the same keywords state wide in the anchor text. It’s also important to make as many links from outside locations using the same keyword or keyword phrases as possible, the more the better. Finally be sure to update your blog regularly no one wants to read a stale old news blog. People want fresh up to date intriguing material to read so stay up on the latest news. Keep in mind the above methods of SEO optimization will take some time, but if you stay on top of the material you will soon find yourself ranking high with the rest of the well known websites. Be patient and use your blogs as just one of many possible tweaks you can do to get you to the first page.

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