English Preposition Games

For many students of English, preposition is an easy material to learn. So easy is it, that they think they don’t need any explanation from the teacher. What they need to do is just to open the dictionary, look up the meanings, and memorize them. This view is true for many, but not all, students. Some students, no matter how little their number is, still need teacher’s explanation and instruction. Some students even F95ZONE depend on teacher’s explanation very greatly. Without teacher’s instruction, or perhaps, demonstration, they just can’t understand thoroughly about the material.

Related to that fact, we, teachers of English should view the material and the students in clear perspective. Eliminating the material from our English teaching and learning plan will be unfair for the later group, those who need teachers’ instruction. Meanwhile, teaching the material, preposition, in a conventional way will make the first group feel bored. The solution for this is for teachers to keep teaching the material while at the same time make those the first group feel involved. And to achieve this purpose, using game to teach preposition is the wisest choice. But, what kind of game I can use to teach preposition? That’s the question which may echo in your head. Well, if you are looking such game, then I hope the following game, “do what your teacher says” game is applicable in your class.

Game Properties
Well before I explain how to play the game, let’s us first enlist and learn about properties of this game. By the phrase, I mean any learning aspects which the game has and anything required to play the game. This includes objective of the game, language focus of the game and materials needed. To speak shortly, the game is intended to practice English prepositions. The language focus of the game is simple one or two words preposition especially prepositions of location including in, at, on, under, above, below, next to, behind, in front of, beside, etc. Meanwhile, the materials needed in the game are students’ learning instrument such as book, ruler, pen, bag, pencil, eraser, drawing book, calculator, etc.

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