Iconic Cartoons From the Nineties

Cartoons have come a long way since Mickey Mouse and Woody Woodpecker. Cartoons from the nineties took on a new sophisticated attitude. No more hitting Wiley Coyote on the head with a frying pan, or running into the side of a mountain. Cartoons changed to reflect on real life. Some of the most innovated cartoons were made in the 90’s!

The Simpson’s were probably the first cartoon to change how this industry was going. The Simpson’s consisted of a nice mom with blue hair, a father who is a moron and a sister who is brilliant. Every day you saw dad in the bar making stupid mistakes KissCartoon, or Bart doing stupid things. Parent’s everywhere cringed when the Simpson’s came on.

The next big cartoon to make parent’s cringe was South Park. Even though South Park had specific themes, their episodes were really not suited for children. This cartoon was definitely for grown-ups!

Dark wing Duck and his daughter was a much better fit for children. They tried to do good deeds and had a much better theme for the young ones.

Ren and Stimpy were a children’s favorite. Their shows were pretty violent when they first came out, but tamed down after several parental complaints. Younger children really liked SpongeBob SquarePants. This cartoon was probably one of the most popular cartoons from the nineties. The show starred SpongeBob who was a sea sponge with his best buddy Patrick who was a star fish. They had several adventures that were enjoyed by parents and kids alike.

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