Tips For Communicating With Your Reiki Guides

When we take a Reiki class, receive an attunement and begin using Reiki, we also become connected to one or more Reiki guides. Our Reiki guides are spiritual beings who are specific to Reiki and only work with Reiki energies. They understand being human really well. They know our challenges and blessings, and our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. And they are open to communicating with us.

Other enlightened spirit guides and allies from a more universal healing background may also assist us with Myenvoyair login Reiki. For instance, Jesus is my main guide and works with my Reiki guides (those specific to Reiki). I work with as many as twenty spirit guides during my Reiki treatments. They are a “troop” of angels, enlightened beings, power animals, compassionate grandmothers, ascended masters, the directions etc. They are my spiritual family, friends, co-workers, teachers and guides. When I talk to them, I am not praying to them, but engaging in conversation with them.

Not all spiritual beings are enlightened.
It is always important to ask for only enlightened beings to be our guides or at least for an enlightened being to be in charge of all our guides and watch over what they do. Some guides are in training and while they haven’t yet become enlightened, they are working toward this goal. As long as they acknowledge the enlightened being we have chosen as our master guide as their teacher, we can trust their help.

Reiki guides speak the language of the heart.
We can hear our guides when we drop into our hearts and listen. They talk to us telepathically through our heightened senses. We may see them, hear them, experience sudden knowingness, or experience what feels like an intuitive impression or an inkling to do something or to go in a certain direction. They can also create physical sensations in the body. There are many other ways they communicate as well. Each person “hears” them a little differently. It is up to each of us to discover our personal ways of hearing our Reiki guides. For those who have not had these experiences or have had them infrequently or haven’t had very strong impressions, it might be helpful to think of the mind as being much larger than we may have realized and that our guides may be communicating in a different part of the mind than that we normally “look” at. Using a classroom as an example, we may be looking on the blackboard at the front of the room for the message, but the message may be on the blackboard behind us, or we may need to look through the classroom window to find a message written on the ground or in the sky. To find these new places within our minds, we must become still and carefully move our attention around within ourselves. This is similar to being still in order to hear a faint sound.

Our Reiki guides will send messages to us based on the way that we listen. Spiritual practice teaches them our particular ways of listening. For example, I spend a lot of time outdoors doing self Reiki and meditating. I often sit under the night sky and ask my Reiki guides questions about my life or what I am teaching. My guides speak to me through the stars, the moon, or the sunrise. Throughout the day they may send messages through birds, wind, clouds, people, books, movies, songs, or through inner dialogue. Sometimes a friend will say just what I needed to hear, or a song will play, or I may open a book to the exact page with the right words and know that this is coming from my guides. It is important to stay open and available to receive messages from our Reiki guides in any way they may possibly send them. Remain open and listen with your heart and soon you will be receiving their messages. Enjoy the process.

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