How to Find a Good Hunting Land For Sale (For Recreation Purposes)

If you have never experienced javelina hunting you are in for an exciting, fun and challenging new adventure. Hunting javelina will test your skills of scouting, glassing, pursuing and hopefully having a successful harvest.

Even though javelina hunting definitely involves having good luck, you can greatly improve your chances of success with some hard work. Being in the right place at the right time and being prepared before you get there will certainly increase your odds of having a successful javelina hunt. Check out these 7 tips for finding pigs:

Prepare before you go: This tip cannot be overstated. Before your hunt try to locate herds of javelina and become familiar with their movement and distribution patterns. By doing your scouting and research ahead of time you will definitely lay the groundwork for a successful hunt.

Keep the sun at your back: You want to position yourself with the sun at your back so you are not trying to stare into the 6mm creedmoor ammo sun while locating the game. With the sun behind you the canyons and hillsides you are scanning for pigs will be illuminated and look brighter to you. This helps the game stand out so you can see them better.

Elevate yourself: To open up the field for glassing, climb up higher. It is always tempting to stop sooner, but for every 50 feet you climb in elevation your field of vision is greatly enhanced. The field below you is now more open for your inspection.

Take time to glass: Javelina hunting like other game hunting requires you to take time to be still and rely on your field glasses. Though many people spend a large amount of time walking, many times your “luck” will improve if you spend more time looking through your field glasses.

Be systematic: While glassing for game it is important not to just glance around haphazardly. Your best results will occur when you use a systematic approach while glassing. A tripod can be a necessary tool for a serious hunter, greatly improving your chances of spotting the game you are after.

Pay attention to detail: Remember that javelina tend to blend in quite well with their surroundings. You may not spot them the first time you glance across the canyon. However, if you begin to pay attention to the details you will have much better success locating these natural colored creatures.

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