How to Cram For Exams In Under Days

It’s that stressful time of the year again. You have been going out and drinking all week and now you have an exam to perform in the next few days. There’s not much time to dwell on the past on why you didn’t turn up to the lectures or tutorials. It is now time to get down and dirty CompTIA Security+.

Look at past exam papers. Try to collect as much past exam paper info as possible. The questions in the exams will tell you exactly what you need to know and memorize. Some lecturers are lazy and will tend to use past exam questions in your new exams. Also, make sure you try to find the solutions to these questions. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to look back at your notes or find the solutions in your text book.

Find a classmate or friend that has already done the exam the previous year. These people are very helpful in explaining certain theories and solutions. They will also condense their knowledge and give tips on what component of the exam to focus on. For example, some subjects have some filler materials in them and your friend of yours will tell you what materials you don’t need to learn.

Read all the text material in one shot and then try to summarize it without looking or referring back to it. This forces you to memorize and focus on what the subject is about.Here are three easy tips you can compress weeks of lectures and tutorial into a few days:

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