How To Choose a Metal Heat Treating Company

Whether you need a metal heat treating company to braze stainless steel, stress relieve carbon steel, or perform another type of metallurgic procedure, it is important to do your homework and find a company that will perform the job right and offer a high level of customer service. Before you retain the services of a metallurgist, be sure to evaluate the company based on the criteria below.

The first order of business is to ensure that a company specializes in handling the type of material that you need to have treated. While different metals undergo the same types of procedures, how a procedure is executed depends on the material that is processed. For sheet metal stamping company example, there is significant difference between stainless steel treating and carbon steel treating. The former involves the use of controlled, oxygen-free atmospheres that special furnaces produce, while the latter is often performed in the presence of oxygen. Be sure that a provider specialize in handling the type of material you need before you sign a service contract.

Several factors determine how quickly a company finishes orders, particularly: the type of equipment it uses, its expertise in performing the process in question, and its first pass yield rate, which is the percentage of work that is satisfactorily completed on the first attempt. The turnaround time for an order also depends on its size and the type of work performed, but the factors above distinguish companies that offer a fast turnaround time from companies that don’t. The use of a continuous furnace, specialization in the procedure to be performed, and a first pass yield rate over 90 percent are examples of factors that produce a quick turnaround time.

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Supply chain management can also reduce turnaround time by expediting the ordering and delivery processes. A metal heat treating company that offers supply chain management will buy the necessary parts, perform the work, and deliver the finished product to the customer. The service provider can also arrange to pick up the customer’s parts from its location in the event that that latter needs restorative services such as annealing, stress relieving, and tempering. Of your company doesn’t have an official supply chain process, outsourcing steel treating and other processes to a provider that offers supply chain management offers a great convenience.

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