The Best Hair Removal Products That You Should Use

In the quest to beauty and perfection, both men and women have tried ways to remove and get rid of unnecessary hair that grows in body areas where they don’t want them to grow. Hair grows normally with the aim to provide warmth and protection. The eyebrows and eyelashes, for example, function as protection of the eyes from dust and other foreign object. The hair which covers the entire body primarily functions as a thermo regulator.

However, in some people, hair grows excessively in different body areas such as the face, armpits, legs and arms, making them uncomfortable with how they look. This resulted in the development and manufacture of numerous products which are now sold in markets worldwide. Some of these products became outstandingly effective, putting them on the list of the best hair removal products. Knowing these products will help you make the right choice when planning to use the services such product provides.

If you hate shaving because hair re-growth is fast, don’t like tweezing because hair removal method is too slow, then you can benefit from threading. Threading is an ancient hair removal method that is common in the Middle East and India. This process involves removing unwanted hair by the root with the use of a cotton thread.

The most common use for threading is trimming and shaping eyebrows. But it can also be used to remove hairs in the chin, cheeks, sideburns, and your upper lips. Threading removes the entire medilase follicle which means hair re-growth will start to happen 6 weeks after threading is performed.

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More and more people are opting for chest hair removal to achieve a cleaner look and better personal hygiene. Some people choose to remove their chest hair to improve their self-image and self-esteem especially when wearing swimming outfits. Others wish to eliminate the discomfort of constant friction between their chest hair and their clothing. Some others prefer to remove their hair to show off body art such as tattoos. For whatever reason it is, there are several hair removal methods for getting rid of chest hair for men as well as women.

One method is to remove hair above the surface of the skin which is called depilation. Some examples of this type of hair removal are trimming, shaving and chemical depilatories. Chest hair can be minimised by trimming with scissors. This is preferred by people who are not ready to remove their chest hair completely. Shaving is affordable and easy to do as it can be done using an electric or manual shaver. However, shaving needs to be done regularly as hair will grow back quickly. Certain people who go for this method also complain of ingrowing hair once the shaved hair grows back. There are also depilatory creams and gels that can be applied on the chest to remove unwanted hair. Depilatory creams have an active ingredient that breaks down the protein in the hair and weakens it so that it could be easily washed off. However, depending on the skin’s sensitivity, this option may cause skin irritation and pimple breakouts. It is recommended to do a test patch on the skin before using it liberally on the chest.

Chest hair can also be removed entirely, including its roots, by a method called epilation. This provides longer effects compared to depilation as results can last up to six weeks. Examples of epilation hair removal methods are waxing and epilators. Waxing uses a gel or sugar wax to pull out hair from the roots. There is the choice of cold wax and hot wax, both varying in technique and degree of pain. With that being said, the process of removing hair using either wax can be a bit painful. However, there are certain creams and lotions which can minimise pain and swelling after the procedure. Aside from waxing, others prefer to use epilators which is a device that pulls out hair from the roots. However, the hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long for the device to successfully pull out hair. To implement this technique, you should wait a few days for the hair to grow before it can be removed properly.

Silk’Silk’n is a hair removal tool that uses laser and light to remove hair. It is considered to be the best among this line of product. The tool uses the IPL technology to immobilize hair follicles. It is known to be highly effective for dark colored hair and is approved by FDA as a permanent hair reduction product.

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