Honey, They Shrunk The SIM Card

A SIM, or Subscriber Identity Module, card is a card that you insert into a mobile device in order to access a particular network. You can take a SIM card out of one mobile phone and put it inside another, for instance, so that you may continue using your mobile phone account on that new phone. You can also use a card when you have a wireless broadband account sd cards prices. Under such an arrangement, your SIM would allow you to access the Internet on your mobile devices, and would also keep track of all the broadband minutes and data that you use.

The Micro SIM Card is the third iteration of card that’s been released to the public. The first version of a card was approximately the size of a credit card. The second version of the SIM card, sometimes referred to as a Mini SIM card, had dimensions of 15 millimeters by 25 millimeters. This third version is even smaller, yet it holds the same amount of data as the others. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute worked to develop the micro SIM, which was necessary because so many mobile devices on the market today are simply too small to hold even a 15 mm X 25 mm card. An important advantage to this latest kind of SIM card, however, is that it offers more potent data security.

If you own one or more Mini cards and you want to convert them into micro cards, all you have to do is purchase a Micro SIM cutter, an affordable device in which you place your card, push a lever, and cut that card into size. Some hackers have been able to cut their Mini SIM down to size using just a pair of scissors, but you need a high level of expertise before you’d want to attempt such a project. Chances are, you’d just end up with an inoperable card – or two inoperable SIM, to be more precise.

Be aware that there are still plenty of mobile devices for sale which will not support the micro version of SIM; their card slots are just too big to hold this variety. Still, expect the number of mobile devices that support micro cards to greatly expand in the near future.

Remember that with all cards, no matter their sizes, you are responsible for all of the calls made on your card. For that reason, hold on tightly to your SIM at all times. And, of course, the smaller the card the more difficult keeping track of it might be. Finally, report a stolen or missing card at once, lest you be on the hook for paying for every call that someone else made.

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