Online Poker Rooms, Making Money and Bonus Offers

The online poker market is fiercely contested among the now many competing poker sites in the market. With each poker room fighting for business, I wanted to take a look at how they make their money and how genuine offers to prospective players actually are.

Personally the first rule of thumb before venturing any further is that there is very little that is actually free. If a company is offering free, it’s that comes with a few conditions that are usually included in the finer print  Poker88. The gaming industry is the same as any other. Whether it’s shopping at Sainsburys and building your Nectar points, making payments through Neteller and earning points or something as simple as buy 1 get one free. None of these offers are freebies as they still involve you spending money. Getting you to spend money where you wouldn’t otherwise have done is really something, and something that happens on a large-scale, especially in the retail sector.

It wouldn’t be the first time I have seen someone close to me buying something because they got another one free. Did they need it in the first place? Probably not but it felt like they were getting something for nothing. Strike one to the retailers.

Now, we all know this – this isn’t revolutionary. Understanding how it all works simply helps us to look at offers in their true light. Some offers really are great offers while others are smoke and mirrors. This is an area I want to cover in this article. Before I do that, I wanted to cover off how online poker sites make their money.

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