Magazine Subscriptions Are an Ideal Gift

There are many quality children’s magazines, as well as magazines their parents may be interested in on topics like parenting, home décor, cooking and more. Some can be found in stores and on newsstands, while others may be easier to find when it is mailed directly to their door.

Subscriptions allow you to save money on your chosen magazine. By paying for an entire year in advance, the publishers give you a break on the cover price you would pay if you picked your favorite magazine up in the local shop. Some can save you up to 50% off the cover price

For this great deal, you get your magazines delivered right to your door. If you decide that you are no longer interested in the magazine, you can cancel your subscription when it runs out, or if you still like the publication, you can easily renew.

Subscribing is easy. Just fill in the form that is included with any copy you buy. If you subscribe online, there will be a form to fill out online. Popular children’s magazines include Kids Discover, Disney Magazine, Action Comics and Nickelodeon. Teens often are interested in magazines like Seventeen, Shonen Jump, American Cheerleader or a magazine that caters to a particular interest like Sports Illustrated or Horse & Rider.

College students may be interested in news magazines like Time or Newsweek, or maybe they may prefer magazines focused on their college major. Try and choose gift subscriptions that are something the recipient will really like. Ask their friends or family members if you are not sure of their interests. Alternatively, you can ask the person you want to give the subscription to what kind of things they like to read. This is much better than snooping around, trying to figure out what they like. They may consider this an invasion of privacy.

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