Promoting an iPhone App in the App Store

With the creation of computer software that now lets non-programmers create iPhone applications, making an iPhone app is no longer a task for only the computer savvy. Just about anyone has the ability to create one, and with the ever-growing number of mobile apps out in their marketplaces today, it couldn’t be more clear. However, it is also clear that many of the apps in both the App Store and other mobile marketplaces lack a certain feature that makes them popular buy android app ratings. If the developers of those apps knew what that lacking feature was, their app would obviously be on the most downloaded lists. However, that is not the case, and here’s why.

Creating an app is just part of what it takes to having a successful product on a mobile phone marketplace. Ensuring that the app is well coded and free of major bugs is important, however this is not the determining factor that app users are looking for.

One of the main factors that makes an app successful is how original the idea behind the app is. This seems very trivial, but it cannot be denied that the majority of apps that are currently filling mobile phone marketplaces are simply variations of pre-existing apps. Creating an app of your favorite 90’s arcade game may be a lot of fun, but don’t expect to make millions from that app, especially when there are already five different versions of it already available, with all of them having been on sale in the marketplace far longer than yours.

So now that you have your million dollar idea and your bullet-proof app ready, what could possibly be standing in the way of you and the load of cash waiting to be made on the App Store? Nothing, other than the most important factor of them all; promoting your app. You could have created the most ingenious app of all time, but without the proper promotion techniques, it will be heading nowhere. Naturally, a very high quality app will make its way to the top, but without any promotion, it will not generate anywhere near the amount of income that it could.

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